3 Recruiting Ideas That’ll Attract Local Hotel and Catering Candidates to Your Open Jobs

There are more than 700,000 hotels and resorts globally. With the boom in the travel industry, more people are interested in traveling.

This is especially true for Ireland; in 2017, Ireland attracted over 10 million visitors! This means the Irish hotel and food industries will only grow.

If you own a hotel or catering company, it’s essential you hire the best staff. But how do you find the right candidates? You need to attract the best hires to your business. Fortunately, you can do so with simple recruiting techniques.

Here are 3 recruiting ideas, perfect for your hotel and/or catering business.

1. Write a Comprehensive Job Description

Talented and hard-working candidates read a job description closely. While your description should be well-written, it should also be detailed and comprehensive.

Start by describing the role. Emphasize on key tasks and responsibilities. The potential hire will know whether or not the role interests them.

Then, outline the qualifications. This way, a candidate will immediately know whether or not they’re a suitable hire.

Personalising the description is also a good idea. Speak directly to the type of candidate you would like to hire. Offer special insight into possible promotions, growth, and other benefits your hotel or catering company offers.

2. Ask for Recommendations and Referrals From Your Staff

Who better to trust with a hire than your hardworking staff? If a talented staff member can refer a colleague to your open position, you’ll have better luck finding a talented worker who can fit into your company culture.

If you have no luck finding referrals from your staff, look at traits of your hardest-working staff members. This includes their personality traits, skills, and even interests outside of work.

It’s also helpful to let a staff member participate in the hiring process. For example, during an interview, let your hotel or catering manager sit in and ask questions.

3. Be Selective About Posting Your Job Opening

Posting a job ad is by far the easiest way to promote your open position. But be smart about where you post; while you’ll get more applications on the larger job boards, they may be unqualified or even fraud applicants.

First, try finding a niche job board. Post your ad on a recruitment website that tailors to the hotel and food industry.

If you have no luck with niche job boards, find a general job board that separates each industry or role.

For example, insta-hire.com appeals to all industries and roles, but you can ensure your hotel or restaurant ad won’t appear in their healthcare section.

It’s also likely you’re attracting a younger demographic, such as millennials and Gen Z. These workers are technologically-savvy and want to work for a company that can keep up with the latest tech movements.

You can apply this to the hiring process with the help of AI-assisted hiring, which insta-hire also specializes in.

Use These Recruiting Ideas to Fill Your Open Job Position

Do you need to hire a new candidate but don’t know where to start? Use these hotel and food recruiting ideas to find the best candidates.

If your hotel or catering company is based in Ireland, we offer a variety of services that helps with the recruitment process.