5 Recruiting Trends Shaping Irish Hospitality & Catering in 2019

The Irish hospitality industry is booming. In fact, the industry is valued at over $5 billion.

Irish tourism is forecasted to grow by 7 percent over the next year. There are roughly 177,000 hospitality employees and over 18,000 enterprises.

With so many people fighting for jobs, it is not easy to recruit the right employee. Read on to learn about 5 recruiting trends in the hospitality and catering industry. Explore hospitality topics such as recruiting strategies and hiring practices.

1. Job Postings on Social Media

Employer branding for recruiting Instahire can helpOne of the most effective recruitment tools is social media. HR professionals rank it higher than job websites and recruiting agencies.

A social media job posting has the potential to reach so many prospective employees. Just a few shares can spread the job announcement across the country. There are groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that track and post job announcements as well.

Social media also allows you to proactively communicate with prospects. You can build a relationship with them before they apply for a job.

2. Emphasize Diversity

Another recruitment trend is diversifying the workforce. Employers are uncovering enormous value in diversity.

A diversified workforce brings different life experiences and thought processes to an organization. The statistics show that diversity improves performance.

Companies with diverse executive boards produced return on equity 53 percent higher than those with less diversity. In the hospitality industry, guests from across the world certainly want to see a diverse workforce.

3. Candidate Driven Market

The job market has changed in the sense that power has shifted towards employees. Now, free agent employees seek out and select an employer.

This means that your company needs to be positioned to attract the best employees. For starters, a well-designed and modernized website is a must.

To learn about your company, prospective employees are certain to check out your website. If the website is clunky and unwieldy, the best candidates are certain to move on.

Also, prospects are looking for competitive salary and benefits. Make sure that your website details this benefit package.

4. Advancement Opportunities

Every prospective employee wants to know about advancement opportunities. Two jobs with similar salaries are not equal if one lacks advancement.

In order to successfully recruit employees, it is critical to market these advancement opportunities. Demonstrate to prospects how they can quickly move up the corporate ladder.

5. Market the Perks

Millennials in the workforceYounger generations are not just interested in salary and job stability. They want qualitative benefits such as schedule flexibility and wellness programs.

Take millennials for example, who are set to make up the vast majority of the workforce. Millennials are looking for jobs that project a culture and not a prison sentence.

To recruit talented millennials, market the things that make your hospitality or catering business great. This generation is looking to give back to the community. Community service projects like food drives are appealing to millennials.

A Recap of Recruiting Trends

To land the best candidates, your company needs to modernize its recruitment strategy. It is critical to reach a maximum audience by posting job vacancies on social media.

In addition, companies need to demonstrate why it’s a great place to work. If you want to learn more about the top recruiting trends, contact us for additional guidance.