5 Ways to Improve Your Employer Branding

Here’s 5 ways to improve your employer branding strategy. At InstaHire, we could a write a book (watch this space) about the importance of an employer branding strategy. We’re living in a candidates market so it’s pivotal to differentiate your brand. It’s all about the sell even when it comes to talent acquisition and making your presence known to top talent. When your brand has established a prominent presence you’ll leave a mark in the minds of both active and passive candidates.

1. Define and refine

Its crucial to create an authentic message and tone of voice for your brand. Essentially, you want potential candidates to know exactly what to expect as an employee. Consistency is key, ensure that on every platform your brand is clean, discernible and consistent! Aim to draw a picture of your brand so that candidates immediately know what it is you stand for.

2. Nurture the culture 

Consider the culture that you’re currently portraying. When it comes to recruitment, culture plays a pivotal role as you want to articulate your ‘workplace culture’ to potential talent but you also want to hire talent that adheres to that culture. It’s important to create a brand environment that showcases the benefits of working for your brand so you attract the right people. If you have a great work culture then your employer branding strategy just got a whole lot easier.

3. Mediate the social media

Perception is pivotal when it comes to employer branding. How is your brand perceived when potential candidates come looking for you? Utilize social media to really showcase the human element of your brand, if you’re having a fun day take those snaps or if you’re doing charity work don’t be afraid to capitalize for an online presence. Get hands on with those social media platforms but don’t forget to be consistent.

4. Advocate for advocacy 

Thanks to technology and social media, the marketing department is no longer the guardian angel of the brand. The theory of employer branding has spawned new recruits (pardon the pun) namely employees and customers. 84% of people have said that they trust peer recommendations over any other form of advertising. Hence, you need to make it a priority that everyone from your managers to graduates are aware of what a great company it is they’re working for. It’s impossible to please everyone, but make a solid stab at ensuring work life is good and ensure employees know how to articulate that to others!

5. Start storytelling 

Storytelling works in tandem with all of the above points. You’ve heard of a value proposition when it comes to a product well now it’s time to work on an employer value proposition. Utilize all of the above points to tell your story. Use multi-channel format, tell it on blogs, tell it on video, tell it on audio. Do what you have to do to showcase that you’re an authentic and amazing brand to work for. Within no time, you’ll have the talent rolling in.

If you want to perfect and hone your employer branding strategy then why not let the experts at InstaHire help? We can ensure that in this period of low unemployment, your organisation shines amongst the masses. Contact us today, we’ll streamline your recruitment process!