3 Ways You Can Create a Culture of Retention in the Workplace

While you might think we’re obsessing over Ireland’s low unemployment rates, we’re here to tell you that it’s becoming an incredibly important statistic in the hiring process. With the bulk of Irish people in employment, candidates are increasingly conscientious about where they’re going to apply and indeed where they’re going to work should they be successful. Low turnover stats are a boast of any great company, so let’s talk about culture and creating a great one for the purpose of retention.¬†

Oftentimes, we associate the term ‘workplace culture’ with images that aren’t actually related to it all. Cue the ping-pong tables, free doughnuts and thousands of euros behind the bar at a staff party. These ‘perks’ actually have a lot less of an impact on retention that we might have originally thought. How often do you hear someone say ‘I left my last role because they didn’t have a ping-pong table’? Pretty rarely, right? Modern work culture really does have more depth than merely mod cons.

Here are three things to consider when creating a culture for retention:

1. Growth opportunities

There are many reasons why employees choose to leave their current company. Two of these reasons include an unchallenged or boring work-life balance and a lack of opportunity to actually use skills and abilities. Therefore, creating a growth mentality is actually incredibly important for ensuring employees remain content in the workplace. Offering development and training courses is a great way to ensure that staff feel like they are consistently learning. Completing these development courses will not only give staff a sense of accomplishment, but it will allow them to up-skill, which is bound to have a positive impact on productivity.

2. Meaningful tasks and a degree of transparency 

Find ways to relate even the smaller or more mundane tasks to the bigger picture. Taking the opportunity to explain to staff that the fruits of their labor are significant to the results right at the top is important. It’s easy to get disillusioned if you feel your work has no real importance to the grander scheme of things, so this conversation is key to staff contentment. Celebrating staff wins, even at the most minor level, is ultimately going to have an impact on wider staff morale. It will additionally help you with your brand marketing and creating a culture of retention.

3. Autonomy and keen recognition 

A perceived lack of independence or recognition are additional factors that encourage employees to leave your organisation for another. Your company culture should strategically encourage the independence of all employees while oftentimes recognizing their contribution to the workforce. Allow for independent thinking on projects. Ask staff for their opinions and have a conversation with them about their views on the methods used and the results delivered. This will add value to their position and will actively facilitate your brand marketing and retention culture.

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