3 mistakes entry level job seekers should avoid

We know the struggle (some of us more than others). So you’ve just graduated, you’ve enjoyed the week off but now your head is starting to spin. Making your first stab at a job takes time, energy and sometimes a deep down reserve of positivity. It’s important to get off to a good start and avoid as many bumps along the road as possible. Here’s 3 mistakes entry level job seekers should avoid.

1.Not fully utilising the internet.

While everyone knows to look on the internet for jobs sometimes the sheer mass of ads can be overwhelming. You need to be thorough when it comes to the hunt. Do your research on an array of different job sites and sign up for relevant alerts. Read reviews on Glassdoor. Connect with the right people on LinkedIn. And if you’re looking for a temp role in the mean time that why not use InstaHire?

2. Focusing merely on market leading brands.

While the top tier of market leaders always make an impression on a CV, experience in smaller businesses is also of huge value. It can often be difficult to acquire a role within the walls of well known brands because requirements are extensive and competition is high. Similar roles within a smaller brand can provide you with an equal amount of pragmatic experience and give you a real chance to contribute. The career path for grads is long and windy there’ll be plenty of opportunities to fill roles in the Fortune 500 in the future. If you don’t get your first choice immediately don’t be discouraged, go and add value to a great SME (you may never want to leave).

3. Buying into negative comparison.

‘I had my job offer the day after I graduated’, ‘The offers were rolling in I didn’t know who to choose’ we’ve heard these lines one too many times. They’re manufactured with the intent to make you feel bad about not having a full time job within 5 minutes of putting on your graduation robe. Looking for a job that’s the right fit for you takes time. It’s not easy but it’s getting easier. It’s crucial to stay focused and not be discouraged by other voices. If you’re enthusiastic, motivated and you’re willing to work hard then there is a job out there for you.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Even the CEO’s at some of the biggest organisations were once a young and hungry grad eager for someone to give them a chance. Persistence and positivity is key when it comes to securing a role. You can do it!

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