3 ways to ace that phone interview

Here’s 3 ways to ace that phone interview:

It has become increasingly common to have to endure a series of interviews before you’re offered a job. Oftentimes, we are expected to pass through at least two, one of which is a phone interview. Some people love them and some people hate them, it all depends on how comfortable you are over the phone versus in person.  In a typical scenario hiring managers screen the first 10 candidates they think are suitable for a role and then they call them. Following this, 5 are successful and are thus brought for a face to face interview. There’s no need to fall at the first hurdle. Here’s 3 great tips to fly through a phone interview.

1.Brush up:

Phone interviews are almost always scheduled. The interviewer in question will arrange a time that suits both parties to have a conversation over the phone. This means that you as the interviewee have time to do your homework. Utilize this window of opportunity. Flash cards at the ready. Analyse the job spec and then analyse your own behavioral competencies and align them. Look up notable information about the company like case-studies, it’s important to know the work this company does everyday.

2.Choose an appropriate environment: 

Make yourself as comfortable as possible. Put yourself in an environment that is sound free and has good reception. You want to streamline this experience as much as possible and control what you can control. Have your notes with you for reassurance but don’t read off them continuously, it will sound rehearsed (and trust me they’ll know).

3. Then talk. 

Remember the research you did, take a deep breathe and articulate yourself. It’s just as important to listen during a phone interview as it is to talk because the last thing you want is to talk over your interviewer or have them talk over you. Wait until they have asked a question in full and then start talking, if they interrupt you, pause, wait until they’re finished and interact. Leave the conversation on as much a high as possible. Thank them for the opportunity and for their time and say goodbye in a pleasant way.

Phone interviews are a skill that everyone needs to have they’re essentially an etiquette in themselves. If you want some more phone interview tips then click here. 

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