4 reasons temp roles are great for job seekers

Sometimes job seekers are quick to dismiss temp roles believing that in some way or another it could have a negative impact on their career. However if you speak to an expert they’re sure to tell you that in fact the opposite is true. Temp roles offer CV building and skills development opportunities amongst other benefits. Before you dismiss that incoming temp role, here’s 4 reasons temp roles are great job seekers:

1.Boosting your CV.

One of the most important benefits temping offers is CV building. If you’re in between jobs and are actively looking for a role why not avail of a temp role and fill up that CV gap. These said roles can work wonders for contributing to your experience. It’s crucial to always be adding key skills to your resume. Get some new experience and impress your next interviewer with your new found knowledge.

2.Trial a certain role or workplace. 

If you can avail of a temp role in an area that you feel might suit you long-term, then it’s all relative. Why not use your temp experience to try and gain an insight into whether this is the industry you would like to work in full-time or not. Get stuck in and enjoy your own learning curve, volunteer for jobs, ask other employees about their daily roles and if they’re content there. This is an opportunity to conduct your own qualitative research.

3.Test the water for temp to perm. 

Temp roles are also a great stepping stone to perm roles. Just because an organisation is only offering a temp role now doesn’t mean that they wont be offering a similar full time role in the future. It’s important to remember that temp roles are a great way to make yourself known to management and hiring teams. If you can really impress during a temp role who’s to know where the future might lead.

4. Gain a new key skill

You might gain a skill in a temp role that you never saw value in before. Temp roles are often varied, so if you’re taking an admin role for example and you’re out of your comfort zone, you might be surprised at what you learn. Get stuck in and an try your hand at everything in order to ensure that you build that skills portfolio.

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