Get Instahired: 5 big no-no’s with recruiters

The relationship between a candidate and a recruiter should be seamless and symbiotic. If you are looking for a job and want to use a recruiter then read some tips to streamline the process.

Here’s 5 big no-no’s with recruiters.

1. Never lie to a recruiter.

Recruiters do their research. They cross reference all the information that firstly  you give them and secondly that they come across themselves. They check references. They send emails. And they make calls. If you have been out of work for a while or if you have something you are worried about with regard to past or future employment, it’s best to be honest. Recruiters have seen it all and they can advise you on a multitude of scenarios. They’ll respect you for being honest and it will help you to maintain a better relationship with them.

2. Never be late to a meeting/interview. 

When a recruiter wants to talk about a potential role or even wants to interview you for an impending one, it’s crucial not to be late. The recruiter always wants to put the best candidate forward for a job. They’ll be taking note of the basics when it comes to timing, appearance and preparedness before they refer you on. Show up approximately 10-15 minutes before. Dress well,  be organised and friendly. This will allow for you to put your best foot forward.

3. Never overtly say that you won’t do something minor.

If you receive a role from a recruiter that you don’t think is for you, that’s perfectly fine. Explain to them rationally that you think you would be a better fit elsewhere. However, if there’s merely one aspect of the job spec that you’re not overly thrilled about, it’s better not to say ‘well I’m not doing that’. You can navigate the small things before signing a contract. Try to be open minded without compromising your preferences.

4. Never ghost a recruiter. 

While your recruiter may not be able to help you with one specific role at one specific time, they may be able to help you with a role in the future. In this day and age, jobs aren’t forever. Candidates weave in and out of jobs every few years. While you might be content in a role now you might not be as content a year down the line. Hence, it’s in your best interests not to completely ghost a recruiter if things didn’t work out the first time round. Be strategic and think ahead, do not ghost your recruiter.

5. Never be a no show.  

If you’re at the final stages of a role with a recruiter but you’ve had a change of a heart that’s okay. While it’s not ideal for the recruiter it does happen every day. What’s important is how you manage it. Be open and honest. Tell the recruiter why you feel a counter offer is a better fit for you. However be courteous and tell them that if you’re ever looking again that they’ll be the first number you call.

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