5 great reasons to apply for a truck driver role

Truck drivers are a fundamental aspect of Irish society. Without them, the day to day running of our society would be different. If we want to see fully stocked shelves in our shops, restaurants and pharmacies then we always need people to drive the supply. At Instahire, we always have an abundance of exciting roles available for truck drivers. If you still need some convincing before you apply then keep reading. Here’s 5 great reasons to apply for a truck driver role. 

1.Mobility and variety.

While some people enjoy sitting at a desk and having work delegated to them throughout the day, others enjoy the variety and independence of other careers like truck driving. The variety of a multitude of routes in tandem with the luxury of being able to steer your own wheel (pardon the pun) is attractive to many. This career has liberating attributes and maybe that’s a good enough reason to apply for you.

2. Rewarding and challenging.

Truck drivers in Ireland assume a lot of responsibility. They are wholly responsible for ensuring that a multitude of products are shipped and delivered around the country. Whether it’s food, beverages or pharmaceuticals, without people in this profession, life would look a lot different.

3. A united culture.

Irish truck and lorry drivers have a unique bond and culture amongst them. This was nowhere more evident than when the Brexit regulation deliberations were ongoing and the people in this profession came together to make their voices heard! So if you’re looking to work in a sector where there is a united culture and a strong sense of place then this might be the career path for you!

4. A stable career path.

Truck drivers and indeed artic truck drivers are in a profession that is widely needed. If you’re considering a long term career goal then this might be a really solid one for you. Salaries for this position usually start at €11 per hour and go all the way up to €20 and beyond depending on the role and hiring company. This is a career that is going nowhere and is around for the long ‘haul’ (sorry!) so if you’re thinking of applying then you should.

5. There’s flexibility for duration.

The great thing about truck driving is that there is flexibility in regards to what type of work you want. If you want to work full time, that’s an option. Maybe you want to work part time, that’s also on offer. Or maybe you prefer to work on a contract basis in which case there’s plenty of those roles too.

So there you have it! Why not apply today? Click here to see our full range of available jobs!


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