5 reasons to stay and work as a nurse in Ireland.

Nurses are the most extraordinary and commendable professionals in our society at any given time. They are also the core of our healthcare system. Never before have people stepped back and been awakened more to our need for great nurses like we have of late. While many registered nurses face the question of emigration after graduation or indeed after years of service, we’re here to offer a counter argument. Here’s 5 reasons to stay and work as a nurse in Ireland.

1.Job stability and security. 

Demand for healthcare services and healthcare professionals is only continuing to grow in Ireland as the population ages. However Irish Nurse numbers are down, which creates a more complex situation. According to the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, nursing and  midwifery levels have fallen by more 3000 since 2007. What does this mean for registered nurses thinking of staying and practising in Ireland? It means there is a high demand for this admirable profession and also that job stability and security is almost guaranteed.

2. Sponsorship opportunities.

Many hospitals in Ireland sponsor staff nurses for further education such as masters degrees or additional courses for upskilling. Additionally, in some scenarios Irish nurses are also offered opportunities to travel abroad on a short term basis in order to gain experience and return with additional skills. Aside from hospital funded courses, Irish nurses can also apply for funding on a personal basis of their own accord to partake in further study as a part of the CPD (continuing professional development) scheme with the HSE.

3. Up to date technologies, policies and procedures. 

Another advantage of practicing in Ireland is that not only are policies and procedures kept strictly up to date on all occasions but the HSE has quite a few practices to keep skills current. Irish hospitals have also adapted the newest technologies which is of great benefit to nurses as it streamlines their processes and makes things more efficient.

4. Job satisfaction. 

Nursing in any country is a rewarding and highly commendable career. Nursing in the country in which you trained or where you were brought up however adds an additional layer of job satisfaction for the nurse in question. Nurses here will have the opportunity to courageously enhance the quality of life for patients in Irish hospitals, maybe in the very hospitals where they learned their first set of skills. They will  have the chance to walk the wards and change the lives of the Irish people for the better.

5. Dedication to the cause. 

When something unprecedented occurs that affects the health and wellbeing of the Irish population, it’s the medical professionals that the population looks to. No longer are politicians and financial moguls  the people that bind the country together, it’s the nurses and the doctors. A final reason to stay in Ireland is undoubtedly to champion our entire healthcare system and to be the sole reason that Irish population is nursed back to health.