6 great reasons to become a care assistant

Home care assistants are fundamentally vital for society. Ireland is already experiencing the effects of an ageing population and a significant proportion of these people wish to retain their independence for as long as possible. In order for this kind of independence to exist, we need care assistants. These professionals essentially help the people who need it most live the most streamlined and comfortable life possible. While it must be noted that the profession of a care assistant isn’t for everyone, it is for people who posses that kind, caring and nurturing disposition. Want to know more? Here’s 6 amazing  reasons to apply for a care assistant role.

1. You will make a difference.

We’ve touched on this above but care assistants genuinely improve the quality of people’s lives. They aid, assist and streamline the lives of people who require extra help. The support a care assistant provides might be the difference between someone being able to live at home in their own comfortable environment or having to be placed in external care. Care assistants can have a major effect on the contentment of their clients and we think that’s pretty amazing.

2. You will reap the emotional rewards.

While oftentimes in some roles we ask ourselves ‘if I wasn’t here, would anything be different’, this is not the case for care assistants. Value is something that is pivotal for job satisfaction and in turn job satisfaction is something that’s crucial for life satisfaction. Being a care assistant is definitely something that rewards you over a prolonged period of time. You make a genuine contribution to the safety and well being of individuals and as a result you get to reap the rewards.

3.You will have job security.

A care assistant role is a structured career which offers a sense of security and stability in the long run. This is a profession which is crucially needed and hence there is an opportunity to develop your career in this role and stay working for the long haul. In a market that is ever changing, this is an amazing position.

4. This could be a stepping stone for your career in nursing. 

Flexible opportunities are often provided to care assistants which means that many people choose to study in tandem with their work. Additionally, a number of people choose to become a care assistant to get feel for what a nursing career might be like. Choosing a long term job path can be really difficult and it’s hard to know if something will suit you that’s why getting any insight into a role prior to commitment is beneficial.

5. You will be a part of an inviting community. 

The sense of community amongst the care assistant network and their clients is unparalleled. Genuine friendships are forged between clients and their carers. In addition to this care assistants also gain friends in their colleagues and share their own insights into work.

6. An opportunity to continually progress.

Care assistants are often offered continual training programmes and up-skilling sessions. This means that people in this profession have a chance to progress and engage in self-actualization. There is also a lot of variety in this role between caring, client reviews and spot checks  so the job rarely becomes too mundane. The availability of such an opportunity  is a massive reason to engage in this profession as it aids long term development. Are you convinced? For some interview tips within this position click here.

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