Get Instahired: 3 great tips for jobseekers

Here’s 3  great tips for job seekers:

Looking for a job is stressful. It doesn’t matter if you’re a recent graduate and this is your first job search or if you’re an experienced candidate and have just found yourself out of a job, its all relevant. It’s important to keep your chin up. Ireland is experiencing a period of low unemployment at the moment. The jobs are out there, sometimes it just takes that little bit longer to navigate your way to a role.

Without further adieu; Here’s 3 great tips for job seekers:

1. Avoid negative Nancys.

‘There’s a recession on the way you know’ oh and ‘your degree is useless if you don’t have 5 years experience’. We all know these people, they fuel you with negativity and make you feel worse about your job search. Take it from us, it’s very important to be selective during this period. Be picky about the job fairs you attend, the recruiters you meet and the people you surround yourself with in general. If you’re enthusiastic, a quick learner and you’re wiling to work hard to progress then there is a job for you out there. Focus your attention on writing that amazing CV, brushing up on interview tips and looking in the right places for job openings.

2. Find your USP.

Sorry for the marketing jargon, but finding your ‘unique selling point’ is crucial when it comes to job hunting. What makes you the best candidate around? What behavioral competencies do you possess that no one else does? There’s a quote surrounding this theory that advises potential candidates to articulate to employees ‘why you’re the aspirin to the employers pain’. Everyone has a unique quality, find yours and express it.

3. Be proactive.

It’s a very rare occurrence that someone is going to come out of the woodwork and offer you your dream job. You really do have to become a miner and that potential job is your gold. Look on every platform, job boards, LinkedIn, the works. Utilize any contacts you have. ‘It’s all about who you know’ has never been a more relevant expression than when it is applied to a job search. If you know them, ask them.

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