Get Instahired: 3 soft skills to adapt for your next job

Here’s 3 soft skills to adapt for your next job!

There’s a tangible difference between soft skills and hard skills. Both skill sets however work in tandem to make a great employee. Soft skills were traditionally overlooked because it was taken for granted that everyone possessed them. However, ask any manager and they’re sure to tell you that these skills are a bonus not a given. It doesn’t matter where you stand in the workplace hierarchy, these skills are fundamental to employee development in every organisation.

Without further adieu here are three soft skills you should adapt:

1.Personal accountability 

This term’s relatively self explanatory. Personal accountability however is somewhat of a luxury when it comes to the workplace. It’s important to hold yourself accountable in every aspect of your role. Whether it’s something as small as showing up on time or something as large as ensuring that all financial reports are correct to the last decimal, showcase your responsibility. If something goes awry accept your mistake and ask for help. To summarize? Show up and own up.


‘Do you work well with others?’ ‘Are you a team player?’ We’ve all heard these questions raised in interviews. Usually we smile enthusiastically and recite a preconceived answer that showcases our abilities to work in groups. However once you get the job you need to put it in to practice. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in when it comes to group projects and more importantly don’t be afraid to let others help you. Micromanagement isn’t effective so share the load and increase your productivity.

3. Conflict resolution 

When the smell of confrontation is in the air some of us tend to do a 180 out the door. However in business, conflict happens. People share contrasting views and ideas and when they’re channeled the right way they can birth something great. However, if you bury your head in the sand things get awkward and nothing is going to be resolved. Use that personal accountability and resolve any issues in a respectful and mature fashion.

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