Get Instahired: 4 Ways to Answer that Awkward Salary Question

Here’s 4 ways to answer that awkward salary question.

So… you’ve crafted that amazing CV.  You’ve passed those psycho-metric tests with flying colors. Now it’s time for the interview. You’ve brushed up on the facts and you know everything from the companies CSR efforts to the CEO’s blood type but there’s one question that’s still causing you to squirm. Enter the awkwardness. ‘So what’s your salary expectation’?

This question has built a reputation for being important for a number of reasons. From the perspective of the candidate it’s a sticky question because it can change the climate in the room from tropical and getting the job to arctic and getting the boot. From the perspective of the employer, it’s important because they need to know if they can afford you before they invest time in you. Despite a general market value for certain positions, some companies are bargain hunting while others might be overtly generous. This means the salary they are aiming to provide might be above or below the going rate. Confusing right? Here’s a good answer for every eventuality.

1. I’m more interested in finding a position that’s the right fit for my interests and abilities. I am confident that you’re offering a salary that’s competitive in the current market.

This is a well calculated answer for someone who is starting out in their career. It allows you to indicate that you’re looking to grow in their environment. However, it also allows you to showcase to the hiring team that you’re aware of the current salary benchmarks in their industry.

2.I would have to see the entire package including benefits before I could give an appropriate figure.

3. According to my research and my discussions with people in a similar role I believe that ‘insert range here’ is the kind of figure I would be aiming for. 

By giving a range you’re covering yourself from any immediate shut downs and you’re opening a conversation. Providing a range is also an ideal stepping stone for long-term negotiation. Answers like this one allow for a back and forth interaction which increases the chances of both you and the potential employer reaching a salary you are both comfortable with.

4. My salary expectations are in line with my current qualifications, abilities and the market average.

By providing an answer like this you are highlighting that not only are you aware of your strengths and assets to the company but you are also very well informed about what the standard package is for a person of your capabilities in your country. Allow the employers to make an offer based on this exchange.

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