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Locations: Dublin | Salary €10.50 - €15.14

Job Description

Are you looking for flexible Bartender jobs?

Bar staff roles can be fast paced and challenging as well as a lot of fun. A thriving bar needs well trained workers that are skilled in customer service,taking orders, mixing drinks, and handling money.

Working with a bartender hiring platform like InstaHire enables jobseekers to get a variety of hands on experience. Our diverse range of bar staff opportunities ranges from mixologists at trendy cocktail lounges, bartenders for brewery style pubs and wine waiters for sophisticated wine bars.

Our clients require quality bartenders that can not only support their business but also help them grow and be part of the team. If you happen to have bar skills or are simply interested in improving your behind-the-bar experience, why not sign up to a shift with the leading bartender agency and enjoy the best paid flexible jobs that InstaHire has to offer?

Bartender jobs include: Bartender, Bar Support, Bar Supervisor, Mixologist, Wine Waiter / Waitress, Pub / Cocktail Bar Staff, Bartenders, Floor Staff and more.

Skills we’re looking for:

  • Experience mixing drinks
  • Good working knowledge of various types of alcohol
  • Quick and meticulous worker
  • Experience handling money
  • High quality customer service skills

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What makes great flexible warehouse worker?

Once you’ve learnt the basics of the job, don’t just stand around waiting to be asked to do another task, show initiative and find opportunities that will make everyone’s job easier, such as keeping your work area tidy, taking empty packaging to the recycling area and making sure the loading area is ready for the next delivery.

If work is piling up on a team member and you can help out without affecting your own duties then be sure to offer your assistance. They’ll really appreciate the help and your support won’t be easily forgotten.

It can be daunting joining a new team, but building relationships and working as a team are essential to the role. A good working attitude can lead to more shifts.

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