Get Instahired: 5 CV Mistakes You’re Making

Here at InstaHire, our expert recruiters deal with CVs every day. So we see everything from the good, to the bad, to the ugly. Some CV mistakes are universal and make an appearance on the desk of every recruiter regardless of the industry. With the unemployment rate in Ireland down to 4.8% as of November 2019,  you need to ensure that you’re differentiating yourself from the competition. There’s no need to fall at the first hurdle. Perfect that CV now and give yourself the best chance at getting your foot in the door of an interview. So let’s get down to business….

Here are 5 mistakes you’re making on your CV. 

1. You include irrelevant work experience.

While you might think it’s a good idea to include every job you’ve ever had, from that post junior cert summer role to a college part time job, let me assure you, it’s not. It’s counter-productive to list all the roles you have ever had. This will detract the attention of the reader away from more current and relevant roles which could get you an interview. Re-write that CV and only include the work that’s related in some applicable way to the industry you are seeking employment in.

2. You use language that’s too flamboyant.

It might be tempting to elaborate on all the tasks you’ve carried out over your working career and decorate it with a thesaurus, but this will only act as a barrier to your application. Research shows that an employer will spend less than 30 seconds reading your CV. Read that again. If your CV is pickled with language that doesn’t flow off the tongue, it will be put down and swapped for another. With that short window of time in mind, make your best effort to ensure your CV gets to the point fast.

3.  You have an unoriginal personal profile.

The personal profile generally resides at the introduction to your resume. In the initial five seconds of reading your CV this is the part that receives attention from the recruiter. This is your opportunity to ‘hook’ your reader. Try to use relevant buzz words, ones which you believe will be of value to the organisation. Avoid the general staples that appear everywhere and try your best to be creative.

4. You provide damaging social media links.

If you’re providing a potential employer with a link to your social media profiles chances are they’re going to look at it. Enter the Gen Z expression ‘think before you link’. Before you administer any link to anywhere that you keep personal information, or more worryingly, personal photos, do a cleanse.  Think professionally about the content displayed on your site and eradicate anything that may raise question marks.

5. You produce a cover-all cover letter.

We know how it is, you’re on the job hunt and you’re sending out high volumes of CVs and cover letters. It’s tempting to just change the name of the organisation and upload a generic cover letter. This however, is not a good idea, every job specification is different and if you want to impress your potential employer then you need to tailor that cover letter. Scrutinize the job specification and summarize how your experience meets the needs of the advertised role, as this will give you the best fighting chance.

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