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Locations: Dublin | Salary €10.50 - €15.14

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Find work that suits your university life

Getting a part time job on InstaHire means flexible working hours that you can fit around your studies and social life. InstaHire offers a broad range of jobs for part time and full time students looking to work and earn money around their studies in a way that suits them. 

Our flexible working hours means you can pick and choose when you work, essentially being your own boss. So you’ll never have to worry about missing a lecture as you can pick the shifts that work for you.

Part time jobs for students are a not only a great way of earning some extra cash but they can also provide you with the life skills and work experience you’ll need for when you finish your studies. 

Not only will you be earning some extra going out funds but your parents and future employers will be super impressed at your commitment to being a working student.

Jobs we offer

We offer a whole host of jobs ranging across the hospitality, events and industrial sector, allowing you to gain a variety of hands on experience. Roles you could work in include bar work, waiting jobs, stockroom roles, picker packer jobs, general hospitality roles for events as well as much more.

Experience required

Don’t worry if you have no previous work experience, all we require is a basic level of aptitude, enthusiasm and a positive working attitude.

We put the control of applying to shifts in your hands, giving you the flexibility to decide when and where you work. So why not sign up to a shift with the leading temporary jobs agency and enjoy the best paid flexible work that InstaHire has to offer?

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