Get Instahired: 5 Reasons You Should Use a Recruiter in Your Job Hunt

Looking for a job is no walk in the park. Regardless of how prepared or qualified you are, the hiring process in itself is long winded and intricate. We all want to minimize the pain and proceed to a new role in the quickest and smartest way possible. Rather than suffering the slog alone, why not allow a dedicated recruiter to guide you through the process and streamline the experience?

Here’s 5 reasons you should use a recruiter in your job hunt: 

1.Save time

If you’re busy working in a current full time or part time role it can mean that you don’t have time to be scouring the internet for job advertisements. Recruiters know the most about roles in particular if they are actually open or not. We’ve all had an experience with applying for a job only to find out all too late that the role has been filled or that it didn’t exist in the first place. Recruiters will minimize the time it takes to move passed this frustrating aspect.

2.Utilize a network of connections

Recruiters have built existing relationships with firms and generally know who the decision maker is in human resource roles. Hence, they know the best route to get you an interview as quick as possible and they know how to give you the competitive advantage when it comes to the hire. Forget sending emails to laden inboxes and let the experts go straight to the source.

3. Avail of interview preparation

If a recruiter has been in the game a long time like the experts here at InstaHire, they can give you real insights into the company you’re applying for. The recruiter can provide you with practical advice on the best ways to articulate yourself in an interview. As all companies value different things, it’s important to be well informed in order to impress. Trust us when we say insider knowledge is your best bet in interviews.

4.Manage awkward questions

We can all relate to the impending fear that results when a hiring manager asks you what your salary expectations are. Go too high and you risk losing out on a good opportunity however go to low and you risk getting too much responsibility with too little pay. Once again, it’s here a recruiter will put their  expertise to good use. A recruiter can  provide you with a realistic figure for your skills in this industry, they will tell you if there is much room for negotiation or if there is potential for movement.

5.Get relevant feedback

If you go through the hiring process yourself and you are unsuccessful oftentimes you wont have a point of contact for feedback. Recruiters (with their aforementioned connections) will seek out feedback for you which means you can learn from your mistakes. Feedback is crucial when it comes to the job hunt because it means you will gain true experience and progress.

If you’re looking for a job why not join InstaHire and let our recruiters help you get a job FAST?